The opening

On May 12, 2017 we woke up in a different way to the rest of the days, we knew that it was our last day of work and also that it would be a day to say goodbye to the community; It was a moving day for all of us.

In the first hour, part of the team went to the bridge to remove the temporary cable placed as lifeline, which was the last detail to finish. The rest of us kept dismantling the camp site.

After this, we went to the bridge to give the final touch: Placing the banner!

Fhecor team before placing the banner.

The opening was threatened by Mariachis and typical dances of the area.

The younger ones, besides delighting us with dances, were in charge of cutting the ribbon.

These were really special moments for all the team that collaborated to carry out the project.

Many thanks to those who were and are collaborating with us.

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