Despite the high disbursement made by FHECOR and B2P, the members of the voluteer team are developing found raising activites to afford the important expenses related to the project, in addition to collaborate with the affected communities and non-profit organization. Every contrubution, even minimum, is high-value for us.

Thank you!

Found-raisings through B2P

Help us through a donation to Bridges to Prosperity  today! All donations, even the smallest, add to the goal of erase the rural isolation at remote communities.

B2P is an non-profit international  organization, what means that its donations are tax-deductible!

If you want to donate, visit B2P web and click on DONATE NOW to access to its secure system.


You can also visit JAKIDA BERLIN web and buy the expedition T-Shirt. If you can not colaborate with the whole cost of the oficial website.


This german clothes brand has offered to colaborate with B2P-FHECOR motive and it has launched the new clothing line “NON-PROFIT COLLECTION” whose profits will be donated to FHECOR volunteers to help with expedition expenses.

This company view and values converge with the colaboration ethic of FHECOR-B2P Therefore, it produces 100% organic cotton fibers, following GOTS (Global Organix Textile Standard), working with renewable energies the CO2 is minimized. Besides, the company has the Fair Wear Foundation certification, which guaranties that clothes are produced with socially responsible conditions.