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We are 5 workmates from FHECOR Ingenieros Consultores and in May we will carry out together with the NGO ‘Bridges to Prosperity’, a solidarity project regarding the construction of a footbridge in a rural region in Nicaragua: the community of Monte Verde.

Next April 29th we will departure from Madrid airport and, after a day long trip, we will get to Madriz in Central America, where we will build a footbridge together with the helpful support of 4 American volunteers and the designated team of Bridges to Prosperity. Know the team!!

The footbridge is almost 100 m long and it will serve to around 5800 people in a rural region and it will avoid the isolation of neighboring communities in the rainy seasons. The new construction will allow hundreds of people crossing the river safely everyday to go to the doctor, market or school without risking their lifes. This project is intended to activate the social and economic development of the region. Do you want to know mor details about Monte Verde?

Collaborate with us and be a piece of the project! Besides of our dedication, efforts and time for construction, the volunteers afford all our expenses related to the project. All support is helpful; you can make a donation to the project or buy some of the exclusive T-shirts of Jakida Berlin brand, they are awsome! Do not miss yours!!