FHECOR Ingenieros Consultores

Alberto Chamorro – Project Manager
The Project Manager serves as the volunteer team lead and manages all aspects ofthe project, from planning through execution, ensuring safety, quality, and community engagement. Each day on site, the Project Manager leads the morning briefing, and includes local community members and B2P staff as much as possible.
Bruno Castillón – Construction Manager
Leads the development of the construction plan, workswith the Project Manager to oversee construction on the job site, and is responsiblefor completing the as-built drawings. The Construction Manager leads constructionmeetings with team members, local staff, and community laborers, and is responsiblefor the quality control report that is submitted to B2P after project completion.
Blanca Palerm – Health & Safety Co-Manager
The Safety Manager creates the Health and Safety Plan and is responsible for on-site safety briefings and monitoring, including appropriate compliance from local workers. The Safety Manager is responsible forsubmitting Incident and Near Hit Reports, and ensuring that all participants are utilizing appropriate personalprotective equipment (PPE) at all times.
Elena Santacruz – Logistic Manager
Works with the B2P In-Country staff to arrange teamaccommodations both on-site and in the city; meals and grocery shopping, andtransportation to and from the project site. They also coordinate team travel and uster points, and help ensure that each team member has fulfilled the necessary travel preparations, including visas, vaccinations, insurance, and B2P volunteer agreements. The Logistics Manager also manages team finances.
Ismael Fernández-Espartero – Communication Manager
Creates an internal and external communicationstrategy for accomplishing the marketing goals set forth by the team and/or sponsoring partner. The Communications Manager provides updates to home office(s) periodically during the trip and is responsible for photography, videography, interviews, etc. Thisperson should expect to spend more than half of their time on site collecting media forpost-travel communications.

B2P Bridge Corps Members

The Support Team Members work to complete project preparation, construction on site, and post-projecttasks as needed, and as designated by the Project Manager or team leadership. We encourage SupportTeam Members to emphasize their unique skill sets in the project preparation process to ensure their talentsare best utilized.

Ken Gendron – Health & Safety Co-Manager – B2P Bridge Corps Member
Creates the Health and Safety Plan and is responsible for on-site safety briefings and monitoring, including appropriate compliance from local workers. The Safety Manager is responsible forsubmitting Incident and Near Hit Reports, and ensuring that all participants are utilizing appropriate personalprotective equipment (PPE) at all times.
Krista Stippelmans – B2P Bridge Corps Member
Structural engineer specializing in bridge design. Her desire to become anengineer sparked from her passion to help make a difference. Since learning aboutB2P at a conference in 2012, their mission has continued to inspire her to pursue opportunities in international development. She participated in her first bridge build in July 2015.
Zach Banachowski – B2P Bridge Corps Member
Works as a bridge engineer specializing. Zach graduated in Civil Engineering with a structural concentration. He has worked on infrastructure projects as a volunteer in Tanzania, Nepal, Bolivia, and Panama. He first started volunteering with Engineers Without Borders in 2009, and then transitioned to Bridges to Prosperity in 2015
Dick Foss – B2P Bridge Corps Member
Dick has had construction as a continuous thread in his life since his father builta cabin near Lost-Creek Wilderness CO (1963-1971), working on a framing crewwhile attending Colorado School of Mines (1979-1981), or as General Contractorand designer of the home he lives in now in Golden (2000-2003). Dick is currentlyperforming the bulk of the construction in homes he designed near Alma CO andsmall cabins in the Spanish Peaks area of Southern CO.


Alex McNeill – B2P Nicaragua Program Manager
Oversees the B2P staff and activities on the ground, andmanages all projects and training. The Program Manager will attend all pre-travelcalls (or as many as local connectivity allows!), and will serve as a great resource for specific information related to the particular country where you’ll be building  and yourspecific project.
Katie Lovvorn – B2P Program Coordinator
Program Coordinators support all aspects of a country program, and are a particularlyhelpful resource for travel teams. The Program Coordinator will work with the teamLogistics Manager to plan for site meals and accommodations, and can also answer specific questions about the project and community.
Ramón Esteban Merlos – B2P Program Superintendent
Is skilled builder with knowledge about constructionsequencing, community coordination and local government relations. B2PSuperintendents are a valuable resource when it comes to the decision-makingprocess and relationships on-site. The travel team Construction Manager shouldwork directly with the B2P Superintendent for an onsite skills exchange, as the localSuperintendent can offer valuable practical experience, and their visiting counterpartcan offer technical expertise and mentorship.
Salvador Iván Villareyna – B2P Construction Manager
Iván has 11 years of construction experience, 3 of those years are with B2P.  Hehas proudly worked on 10 bridges, a few of which are Santa Lucia, San José dePire, Ducuale Grande, and Las Papayas. He dedicates his spare time to his family,personal work, and church.
Nicola Turrini – B2P Bridge Corps Fellow
B2P family member since last January, Nicola has already colaborated in the building of 3 footbridges; Monte Verde will be his forth. He is a civil engineer who was working for Fhecor Ingenieros Consultores up to the end of 2016. Therefore, he will be an important link between B2P-FHECOR.

Community and Municipality – Monte Verde, Palacagüina

Residents in the community collect local materials and provide labor for site preparation.


Holly Bartelt – B2P Programs Manager
Holly will serve as your primary point of contact once you’ve confirmed your
sponsorship. She’ll work with the team Project Manager to schedule pre-travel calls,prepare and distribute resources, and respond to questions as they arise.
Brandon Johnson – B2P Director of Programs
During pre-travel calls, Brandon will provide guidance and feedback on construction,safety, and logistics plans. Brandon has been a part of several Industry Partner buildsand is able to provide his experiences as a resource.
Alan Kreisa, PE – B2P Director of Engineering
Alan and his team design each new bridge in the B2P network, and can answerquestions related to bridge design, construction and safety ahead of the Constructionand Safety Call. Alan will also attend the Post-Travel Call to gather feedback on thebridge design and construction process.
Alissa Smith – B2P Director of Engagement
Alissa will be working with you to leverage your communications and media plan tomake the most of your travel experience. She’s the person to talk to about the photosand videos you should make sure your team captures, the best way to create impactwith your social media, and the opportunities available to you upon return for awardand article submissions.

[ES] Colaboradores volcados con el proyecto de Madriz desde Madrid

Ricardo Bastida – Alternative Support FHECOR Team Member
Ricardo is closely engaged with all his team fellows to make this pioneer project in Spain a real success. He will fo sure an important actor in the very likely colaboration B2P-FHECOR 2018. 
Antonio Cano – FHECOR Point of Contact
Antonio was an active part of the Gaseke project in Ruanda 2015 together with B2P and the main disseminator of B2P and FHECOR, moreover he is the conctact person between Fhecor Management and the NGO.