Interview with Nicaraguan Media

On the 16th, we went to Managua to attend the program “Manos a la obra radio”, directed by Abigaíl Hernández on radio La Primerísima.

For the occasion, we were accompanied by “Alex McNeill, Head of Bridge Programs for Prosperity in Nicaragua”. During the program, we shared the experience and gave some more details about FHECOR and the relationship with the NGO. Alex recounted the work done by the NGO in Nicaragua, as well as reporting on the country’s objectives and its desire to collaborate with local universities.

Blanca also explained her feelings and experience in collaborating with community members, and the warm welcome that all the women in the team had.

You can listen to the interview here:

After the interview we were able to talk with media in press like ADL and visual audio like channel 12.

Blanca and Bruno interviewed by the Canal 12 journalist

After this, we traveled to the European Union delegation in Nicaragua to talk about the experience with Mr. Laurent Sillano, the EU’s chief of cooperation.

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