Preparation of the work

Our colleague Nicola Turrini has sent us some pictures of the worksite. They are assembling the steel pylons (bolt joints). Welding has been done at yard.

Main cable (Ø32)
Tower foundation and its columns.

The yellow and black columns belong to the old bridge which collapsed with one of the Estelí river flooding. Our footbridge will be placed at the exact same location. (Some people have disappeared since then trying to cross the river at rainy season).

The concrete-filled tubes of the picture are the base of the pylon and they are placed, upside down,  in the foundation of the second picture, belonging to the bottom part of the hinged joint of the tower.

So you can check it out, the general plan is:

When we get there, foundations will be already executed and towers will be assembled at the ground. From this, we will follow the construction plan we have performed and we share now with you:

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