The M4M raffle day

UPDATED!! [19/04/2017] – Results at the end.

Last Saturday April the 8th we celebrated the M4M Raffle, and what better way to do it than in a beautiful environment and surrounded by friends … ?, that’s what we did; We enjoyed a new edition of the already traditional Calçotada, the edition 3.0 in this occasion.

After preparing the raw material and the fire place, the pre-elaboration and cook team was quite busy but they obtained an exquisite result:

After the Calçots, we got the main dish; a king size barbecue:

And with our gut full, we prepared to get around the different gifts. Congratulations to the winners and many thanks to all for your valuable contribution and company. We share the pictures with some of the lucky winners and the prizes:

The lucky ones were:

Ticket number 77 >  Alejandro Campuzano: Blu-Ray “The wolf of Wall Street”.

Ticket number 14 > David Pérez: Home cinema speakers.

Ticket number   7 > Mirián Sánchez: Photographs of architecture and engineering.

Ticket number 58 > Javier Gimenez: 3 bottles of Bodegas Real wine.

Ticket number 60 > Iria Terradellas: Girl’s shirt Jakida Berlin.

Ticket number  9 > Julien Grange: T-shirt boy Jakida Berlin.

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